Rennovated cottage wall
Stone fire place
Reconstructed wall
Stone cleaning
Stone cleaning
Stone cleaning
Rennovated Barn
Rebuilt wall

Welcome to Stonemasons of Dorset

Stonemasons of Dorset are specialists in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures. We use traditional techniques and materials which incorporate today's best practices.

We believe in minimal intervention of the original building or structure, we assess the building in its current state, what work has taken place in the past and the most appropriate future course of action. New work is then thoughtfully undertaken with regards to the types of repair required, stone type and colour, style of work, joint patterns, colour of pointing and tool finish.

As far as is practically possible any work we undertake is reversible.

Skill is paramount in our company because old techniques are melded with contemporary thoughts on conservation and restoration. All work is undertaken with quality workmanship and open communication, and we aim to be on budget and on time!

Please browse our website & contact us for a quote - we'd love to help.